StreetDeck demonstrator on trial in Santiago

A customised Euro 6 StreetDeck bus has been showcased in Santiago, Chile, by Wrights Group. The vehicle was officially unveiled by Gloria Hutt, Minister for Transport and Telecommunications earlier this year and entered service last month with Buses Vule on route i09 between Rinconada de Maipú and ULA Metro station for a month’s trial.

The bus has 63 seats within a 10.5m length including 39 standees which Wrightbus says means it takes up 20 per cent less road space compared to vehicles currently on the roads of Chile.

The StreetDeck has a Daimler Euro 6 engine and Wrights Microhybrid technology. The bus also features a low height of 4.2m to suit the infrastructure in Chile as well as a bespoke upper deck redesign, a consolidation of the staircase, driver’s partition and cab door into one part, and a new anti-assault screen design.

“This is a hugely important development for Wrights Group and our long term commitment to develop commercially viable buses, tailored to meet global customer requirements,” says Wrights group business and product development director John McLeister. “We will naturally be evaluating the in-territory trial results closely, and we are excited and confident that this vehicle will place us as strong contenders for any future city bus tenders in this region.”

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