World’s longest electric bus launched by BYD

The launch of the longest electric bus has been claimed by BYD with the new K12A 27m-long bi-articulated vehicle. With a passenger capacity of 250 people,BYD claims it is the longest pure electric bus in the world and the first electric bus equipped with a distributed four-wheel drive system, which can switch between 2WD and 4WD to meet the demands of different terrains, while also lowering the vehicle’s overall energy consumption.

“Today, BYD once again uses its core technology, reliable products and innovative solutions to solve the two great urban ills of congestion and pollution,” says Stella Li, senior vice president, BYD. “The K12A will bring zero emissions to BRT systems, allowing passengers to enjoy quiet, pollution-free travel, while at the same time saving significant maintenance costs for operators.”

The K12A  is equipped with DC and AC charging ports and one charge can last almost 300km, according to BYD, enabling a full day’s operation.

“I’m confident that BYD’s super-long pure electric buses are the future of BRT systems, and that the company’s strength is a measure of China’s solid industrial strength”, adds Luis Carlos Moreno, CEO of Columbia operator Express. “On this trip to Shenzhen, I’ve seen that the city’s public buses are already 100 per cent electrified, and I firmly believe that electrification is a future global trend.”

To date, BYD has delivered more than 50,000 electric buses and has factories in China, USA, Brazil, Hungary, and France.

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