VDL and Twerenbold continue partnership

Swiss coach operator Twerenbold Reisen has placed an order for 14 FHD2 Futuras with VDL Bus & Coach. The vehicle fleet of Twerenbold now consists of 62 coaches, of which 60 are from VDL.

“Like VDL, we too are a family-owned business,” says Karim Twerenbold. “Our core values match. Both companies put their people first, something I consider particularly important. The lines at VDL are short, so issues can be settled quickly. They are open to improvement and that means continuous striving for innovation. To ensure continued cooperation, that is of course essential.”

Bernard Donzé, director, VDL Bus & Coach (Suisse), adds: “The history we have built up together is something to be cherished. Twerenbold not only believes in our products but is also confident in our organisation. At the same time, we at VDL must ensure that we continue to take the lead in innovation, so that now and in the future, we remain the best option for key customers like Twerenbold.”

The VDL Futuras include eleven Royal class vehicles and three Comfort class. The Royal class coaches all have a length of 12.2m and offer 30+1+1 seats with a 2+1 layout and a seat pitch of not less than 90cm.

Two of the Comfort class coaches measure 13.9m in length (56+1+1 seats). The third, a Futura FHD2, measures 12.9m in length, with a 48+1+1 seating layout. The last delivery to Twerenbold, consisting of 13 Futuras, was completed in the spring of 2014.


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