New partnership to ensure second life of electric bus batteries

Irizar is working with electric technology specialists Ibil to provide a second life for bus batteries in storing energy at charging points. Under an agreement signed by the companies, the batteries Irizar produces and installs in its buses, and their power electronics, will be re-used for energy storage in charging facilities that Ibil is developing and deploying for Respol service stations and others.

The end of the first life of vehicle batteries does not mean that they have lost all their charging capacity, so, instead of discarding the batteries and in keeping with a circular economy, sustainable re-use in charging station storage applications will be introduced.

The companies say that batteries with a second life can be installed in Ibil charging points to store energy which will reduce the power needed from the electrical grid and bring down both operation and infrastructure costs as well as making it possible to deploy high power charging infrastructures in places where connecting to the electrical grid is more costly and complex.

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