Leading players in European electric bus market

BYD and VDL are leading the market for electric buses in western Europe, according to data analysed by Sustainable Bus from Chatrou CME Solutions. In the first nine months of 2019 the two manufacturers shared the top spot for electric bus registrations with 205 each. However, BYD’s figure should also include 65 registered by ADL which have BYD electric bus chassis.

In total there were 1,123 electric buses (including IMC trolleybuses) registered between January and September 2019, almost double the full-year 2018 figure of 570 electric buses.

In third position, behind BYD and VDL is Solaris, with 106 registered electric buses, compared to 77 in 2018.

Irizar has registered 91 electric buses in 2019, compared to 23 in 2018 while Volvo has 90 registrations, up from 36 in the previous year. The Mercedes eCitaro, recently named Sustainable Bus of the Year, has 65 units registered.

Ebusco registered 38 buses compared to 5 in the previous year and Iveco – Heuliez has 11 registrations while Yutong has 72 registered.


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