Real-time innovation from React Technologies

React Technologies supplies and manufactures a range of Real Time Information (RTI) products that inform passengers and help them to make more independent journeys.

React’s imedia system is a custom-designed RTI solution that enables the distribution of vital information to passengers via dedicated display screens on buses, trains, trams and at platforms and bus stops. 

The data can be shared at the moment it is needed and imedia has the capability to show ‘rich content’, such as timetables, service disruptions, connecting services, special offers and alerts for passengers approaching their stop, as well as general weather, travel information and news.

Russell Gard, managing director, React Technologies, says: “imedia is already making an impact across the UK and it’s responsible for empowering passengers to make even more journeys across the public transport network. 

“It is our mission to support bus operators to get this innovative system up and running to help them increase passenger numbers and ultimately generate more revenue.”

React Technologies is the only European licensed supplier and manufacturer of RNIB React Enabled accessibility technology in the UK, including the imedia RTI display.