Reading Buses scraps paper tickets as smart options grow in popularity

As more and more people switch to better value smartcard and app products, Reading Buses has started the process of removing paper tickets for its 7-day fares sold on buses. Drivers will stop selling the on-bus paper 7-day tickets for the simplyReading, simplyWokingham and Bracknell and simplyNetwork areas.

Customers will be able to buy 7-day tickets via the Reading Buses app or with a smartcard which can be bought and topped up online or at the bus shop in Broad Street Mall.

“We are definitely seeing more people switching to the better value smartcard and app products,” says Tony Pettitt, Reading Buses chief finance and information officer. “For a number of years now, it has been cheaper to buy your period ticket in advance on a smartcard, and more recently on the app, as we seek to utilise everything we can to speed up boarding times and make journeys easier for both customers and our drivers.”

Customers in the simply Newbury & Thatcham and simplyBracknell areas will still be able to buy their 7 day tickets on the bus, however. “This is due to these areas being ‘inner’ zones having slightly different characteristics to the rest of our network,” adds Pettitt. “They are also the furthest areas away from our bus shop in Reading so, for now at least, we are retaining paper 7-day tickets in these areas.”