Low cost ‘talking bus’ with Next Stop

Low cost ‘talking bus’ with Next Stop Low cost ‘talking bus’ with Next Stop
Mobile Onboard has launched a new low-cost ‘talking bus’ system, Beam Next Stop, which integrates with Mobile Onboard’s Beam on-bus Wi-Fi units to provide passengers with a graphical next-stop announcement system that can be accessed from their mobile device and/or large screens installed on the vehicle.

Mobile Onboard say Beam Next Stop addresses the cost and time barriers operators face when considering the installation of a next-stop announcement system on their fleet. The system can run directly from the Beam Wi-Fi unit to mobile devices without any further hardware installation and operators can choose to have additional screens fitted to vehicles.

On mobile devices and large displays the screens feature large clear text, a high contrast design and high quality audio. Passengers who access Beam Next Stop from their mobile device can select a bus stop on the route which gives them visual and audio updates plus vibrating alerts as they near their destination.

“Currently there is only a small percentage of buses in the UK fitted with audio-visual but the cost of current solutions is a real barrier,” says Matthew Poole, Mobile Onboard MD. “We believe Beam Next Stop combined with our Beam on-bus Wi-Fi provides the ideal low-cost technology, enabling more to install a talking bus solution that also offers passenger Wi-Fi at the same time.”

Beam Next Stop will be available as an add-on to Mobile Onboard’s Beam on-bus Wi-Fi.