Polar exhibition for 2011 at Falmouth

The National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall is hosting a new exhibition for 2011 on polar pioneers. On Thin Ice: Pioneers of Polar Exploration, which runs from 8 April to 9 October, aims to explain what has driven individuals to endure some of the world’s greatest extremes using photography, objects and personal ephemera.

Also coming up next year for the harbour-side museum is Lighthouses: Life on the Rocks, which “shines a light on lighthouses and their keepers”. It features hands-on exhibits and interactive displays, enabling visitors to discover the power of the oceans, explore feats of daring and learn how these iconic beacons of light have saved and touched lives.

The museum also boasts breathtaking views from its 29m tower, a natural underwater viewing tidal zone (one of only three in the world), hands-on interactive activities and the chance to get onto the water and discover the wildlife of our coastline.

A Park & Float ferry service operates between May and September.